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Hello again folks and thank you for visiting our website.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality, organic products grown in virgin soil. Virgin soil is ground that was not last year’s, or in our case, the past seven (7) years soybean/corn field and as such has “all of nature”. Let there be no doubt, our soil is our secret and is what sets our products apart from everyone else’s.


Aviation and farming are my two passions.  I have been flying for over 41 years, in the United

States Air Force and as a Captain for American Airlines. I have finally arrived at a position in

life where I can perfect my farming and agricultural skills, specializing in high quality CBD.


As the industry expands, so does information concerning the benefits of CBD and the many

ways God’s gift can benefit not only us, but our four-legged companions as well. Science has

proven that CBD helps with pain, anxiety, seizures, sleep disorders, and has too many exciting

benefits to list.  One thing I will mention is Fourth of July fireworks that can cause many of our

beloved pets stress and anxiety as they do not understand the flashes of light and sudden

noises that somehow appear from nowhere.  We know from firsthand experience that CBD will

relax your doggies and return them to their rightful place, sitting calmly and lovingly in your lap where they belong so yes, we CBD for dogs..


                                                      We started “learning how” over six years ago and when Farm Bill 2018 legalized hemp in                                                              all fifty states, we grew our first crop in the summer of 2020.  Let there be no doubt, it is a                                                              labor-intensive venture. 


                                                       Our first step in quality control is clones, plants that are all genetically identical from a                                                                  “mother plant”. They are started in greenhouses and then transplanted in June using a                                                                 mechanical transplanter at a rate of 500-750 clones per hour. The clones grow rapidly as                                                               they absorb the sunshine and suck up the rainwater.  


Our second step in quality control is that we do not use any herbicides, pesticides,               

or fertilizers and about four months later, the plants are ready to hand harvest.  We                                                       

hang the entire plant upside-down to dry and concentrate the oils in the top portion

of the plant known as the flower.


The final step in quality control is the processor/laboratory we allow to extract the

various CBD oils from the flowers to make our various medicinal supplements.  The

companies are Good Manufacturing Processing (GMP) certified and their certification/expertise is why I only use these companies.  Remember, I use my products, my family and friends use my products and most importantly, I give my products to my two (2) dogs Ella and Ava.


CBD is new.  CBD has many, many uses and benefits that all of us are just now learning more about. As with anything new there are many questions.


For example:


  • Does it really work?

Yes. I have personally used every product I offer. I know where it came from, how it was grown, how it was processed and that it was third party tested by an outside, independent, accredited laboratory. We have had a lot of feedback from our customers telling us how our products have improved their quality of life.  We have CBD for dogs and use the doggie peanut butter every day and when our mature dog is really hurting, we also give her one (1) dropper of the 600 mg pet tincture.


                                                             How do I know which product is right for me?

                                                             There is a lot of information, sometime confusing information available, so what we have                                                               done is provide a short description explaining what each product offers:


                                                            The tincture is considered to be the “entry level” and the instructions say take one (1)                                                                    dropper full which is 750 mg. The 1500 mg tincture is the “middle of the road”. The                                                                      3000 mg tincture is the strongest. Having explained that, I would recommend trying one                                                              (1) dropper of 750 mg  and see what it does for you. You can always take more or less or                                                                increase the concentration after you see how CBD works for you.


As you can tell by our story, I am excited about CBD.  I have tried to simplify the information concerning CBD and the many benefits of various products.  Please be careful and be sure you only purchase high quality products and be sure it has been safely grown/produced and be absolutely sure the final products are third party tested for safety. I do hope you will try our products.

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