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CBD for dogs

AS science continues to discover, the canabidioads in the CBD cannabis plants have many benefits, not only for people but for dogs also. How do I know? We have two wonderful, loving dogs and yes, we have CBD for dogs.

Ella is a seven year old Australian Cattle Dog/Husky/Boxer mix and let there be no doubt she "rules the roost". Cattle dogs are incredibly intelligent so we have to be very careful what we say around her. If you say "walk", you are going outside for at least 15-20 minutes whether you planned to or not. If you say "bath", somehow she can find someplace in the house to hide her 60 pound, white, bulk of a body. We have to spell words out and we are afraid that someday, she will eventually learn how to spell.

Ava is a two year old who is mostly Beagle but she is also a mix of Australian Shepherd and has a "longer" face than a pure breed Beagle. She is not yet as "perceptive" as Ella but she is learning from her older sister. When she sees Ella get excited about a " W-A-L-K", she goes right to the cabinet where we have their harnesses, making the whole process of getting ready quite the chore. Unlike Ella, Ava loves to take a "B-A-T-H" so don't say the word unless you are ready to get in the tub with her and get wet.

AS I mentioned, we have CBD for dogs but we use it for two different reasons. For Ella, it is to help her with her "long Husky/Boxer" legs after a long 45 minute "W-A-L-K". For Ava, it is to sometimes calm her down at night so she will just sit quietly on our lap. Also, AVA does not like noisy nights like the 4th of July and New Year's Eve.

We use both the CBD peanut butter (as a treat) and the CBD pet tincture. We would never offer a product we do not personally use and that is why I have all of our product tested by a third party, independent laboratory.

Ella might start "talking" soon and she would tell you to try our pet peanut butter and CBD pet tincture. Ava would definitely wag her tail in approval.



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